A man who peddled hard drugs to raise cash to fund his own habit has been ordered to hand over more than £2,200 of his ill-gotten gains.

Mark Nurdin, of Shearman Street, Trowbridge, who was jailed for three years in the autumn, profited from crime to the tune of £3,077.

Now Judge Euan Ambrose has ruled he must hand over just £2,212, or face a further 45 days on his sentence.

Should he come into money in the future, the authorities will still be able to pursue the 31-year-old for the rest of the sum.

Nurdin, who is now serving his sentence in Dartmoor Prison, was not in court.

He bought more heroin and crack cocaine than he needed and sold the excess to other users to support his habit.

Police found small quantities of drugs in three raids on his home in 2011, and his mobile phone was full of evidence of his dealing.

Nurdin pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with intent to supply.