Trowbridge balloon specialists Occasions for Balloons moved into The Shires shopping centre at the end of last month.

Husband and wife team Mike and Caz Flute, who have run their shop in The Gateway for two years, have taken over the former O2 store in The Shires, near the Woolpack entrance.

Mrs Flute, 45, said: “We wanted to be in The Shires when we first set up but there wasn’t a unit that was really suitable at that time so we started in The Gateway. But we continued to keep a lookout in The Shires. The old O2 unit gives us double the space with more wall area, so it is ideal.”

The couple have four children and three grandchildren and used to live in Trowbridge, but now live at Leigh Park, Westbury. They started their business from home in 2006 and moved in to their own premises in 2010.

Occasions for Balloons supplies balloons for all types of events, including corporate events for firms such as Vodafone, BT and the NHS, and mainly provides its services across Wiltshire, Somerset and Avon.

It offers a venue set-up service and provides a range of party accessories.

It has stocked its shop with a range of giftware and last year obtained an all-year-round fireworks licence to sell them every day of the year.

Mr and Mrs Flute have undertaken full training and are now able to arrange large firework displays.