Wiltshire Council has refused planning permission for five large houses to be built in the countryside at Bromham.

NGA Limited wanted permission to demolish two large warehouses at the former Bromham Growers site in New Road and replace them with five detached houses.

Bromham Growers ceased operating in April 2011 after suffering trading problems.

Bromham Parish Council objected to the housing plans, as did 20 individuals who believed the site should be retained for employment purposes and would be out of keeping with the area.

Wiltshire Council received one letter of support which said it was a sensible, practical use of a former agricultural brownfield site and would improve the area.

Council planning officer Karen Guest said the principle of housing on the site was unacceptable as it is outside the limits of development.

In her report, she said: “It is considered the proposed development would detract from rather than enhance the immediate setting.

“The site is flat and open in character and can be clearly seen from Hawkstreet.

“The proposed dwellings are tall and would therefore be unduly prominent. The proposed development would therefore be an incongruous feature in this open setting, which would detract from its character and appearance.”