Two men were assaulted in separate incidents in Warminster and Westbury in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning last weekend, which resulted in both receiving broken jaws.

The first incident took place in Market Place, Westbury, when a 24-year-old man from Trowbridge was involved in an argument with another man at about 1am on Saturday (February 9).

He was later taken to the RUH in Bath for treatment with a broken jaw, but police are appealing for witnesses as he had no idea who was responsible.

DC Martin Faulkner from Melksham CID is investigating and wants anybody with information to contact 101.

The second incident occurred in Weymouth Street, Warminster, at about 1.30am on Sunday when a 22-year-old from Bradford on Avon was involved in a fight on his way to Speedy Chef.

The man, who was visiting Warminster with friends, was also taken to the RUH in Bath with a broken jaw.

Two Warminster men, aged 19 and 21, were later arrested in connection with the incident and the 21-year-old remains on bail pending further enquiries.

Police believe there were a number of people in Weymouth Street at the time and while some witnesses have come forward there are others who may know more.

DC John Armstrong from Salisbury CID is investigating and appeals to anyone who knows more about this particular incident to contact him on 101.