Westbury Area Board plans to send out a warning to irresponsible dog owners when it launches a brand new dog fouling awareness campaign tomorrow.

The campaign is funded by the Westbury area board and backed by Westbury Town Council.

People visiting the stand in Westbury High Street will be able to get free poo bags and advice about responsible dog ownership from a Wilt-shire Council dog warden.

Posters with the caption ‘Don’t give your dog a bad name – pick up after them’ have been distributed to schools and villages in the Westbury community area and they will also be on every litter bin in the town.

Chairman of Westbury Area Board Mike Cuthbert Murray said: “It is unacceptable for dog owners to allow their dogs to make a mess of Westbury and we are launching this campaign to clamp down on dog fouling.

“We have discussed this campaign for a long time, but after a number of complaints we decided to press ahead.

“The vast majority of dog owners act responsibly, but there are still owners who give the rest a bad name.”

Cllr Cuthbert Murray will be joined by Westbury Mayor Sue Ezra and Wiltshire Council Cabinet member Keith Humphries for the campaign launch tomorrow.

Dog owners are obligated by law to pick up any mess made by their pets in public places such as roads, footpaths, school playing fields, sports fields and parks.

As well as the dog fouling campaign launch, Westbury Area Board will also be offering free micro chipping for dogs, which will be carried out by the dog warden from 10am-12pm.

The Government recently announced that micro chipping will be mandatory from April 2016, with every dog in the UK set to be entered on a database. There will be a £500 fine issued to any owner failing to chip their dog.

Cllr Cuthbert Murray added: “Micro chipping dogs is something that has just been announced nationally, so it is very much a current issue and you could say we are ahead of the trend.

“It will help identify dogs and will help keep Westbury safe, happy and clean.”

Free dog poo bags are available at the Westbury Town Council offices and the Heritage Centre.

Anybody who spots someone not clearing up after their dog should report offenders by ringing 0300 456 0100, or online at www.wiltshire.gov.uk