A collection of mythical creatures have been wowing the crowds at Lacock Abbey, at Dilton Marsh sculptor Derek Kinzett’s latest wire frame exhibition.

The artist, who studied art at Trowbridge College, has returned after a successful exhibition last year, to display his new collection, Inner Spirit 13 (Fairies, Dragons and Unicorns).

Mr Kinzett produced the 8ft unicorn sculpture specifically for the exhibition.

He said: “It took a couple of months to get it all together, with a group of people making contributions; the horn was made by a local wood turner.

“I didn’t know how big the horn had to be. I spoke to a local spiritualist and psychic, and she told me a unicorn’s horn is the distance between its upper eyes and the end of its mouth, so that’s what I did.

“I had to build it in a marquee in my front garden, so the local villagers have been watching us, and were all there to wave us off.

“We hired a horse box, and reversed it in backwards, with its horn sticking out of the back. It took an hour to get it from Westbury to Lacock, as we had to drive slowly and there must have been a hundred cars behind us. They had the chance to overtake us, but people were just joining in with the madness, beeping their horns and all the children waving at it.”

The exhibition runs until March 10.