Ann Hamilton, the grandmother of murdered schoolgirl Zoe Evans who campaigned to set a minimum prison tariff for child-killers, has died, aged 67.

Nine-year-old Zoe was abducted and killed by her step-father Miles Evans in 1997. She went missing from her family home in Warminster on January 11, prompting a six-and-a-half-week search, the largest in the country at the time. Her body was eventually found in a badger set on Battlesbury Hill, less than a mile from her home.

Her step-father was convicted of her murder and is now serving a life sentence in Wakefield Prison.

Mrs Hamilton, who previously lived in Devizes, was instumental in co-ordinating the Justice for Zoe campaign, delivering a 1,000-name petition to then Home Secretary David Blunkett, calling for him to set a minimum tariff for her granddaughter's killer.

His request for parole was refusused in 2010, when he was told he would remain in prison until at least 2014.

Mrs Hamilton's daughter Paula confirmed her mother died suddenly on Thursday, at her home on Westfield Road, Trowbridge.