A father-of-three who repeatedly assaulted his wife has been jailed for 25 months.

And Territorial Army soldier Aaron Collett also intimidated a witness when he went 'berserk' and burst into the family home in the final drunken attack.

The 33-year-old used an old tumble drier to smash his way into the former marital home, despite being on bail to stay away, before headbutting his estranged wife.

Tessa Hingston, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court that Collett and wife Hannah had been together for 13 years, and married for three, before the split.

She said the pair had argued more and more over the postman's friendship with a woman he met through the TA called Fiona.

On Sunday, November 4, she said a row between the couple escalated and Collett pulled Hannah by the hair, causing clumps to come out.

The following Thursday they were in the car when he spoke to Fiona on the phone, and when his wife questioned him about it he punched her.

"The defendant began shouting at her, blaming her for all the problems," Miss Hingston said.

About two weeks later they met at the Lock Inn at Bradford on Avon as she wanted to tell him the relationship was over.

She thought being in a public place would prevent him causing trouble but he snatched her car keys from her and later in the day struck her to the head.

The following morning he put his hand over her mouth and held a pillow on her face as she lay in bed.

"She said she really believed he would kill her," Miss Hingston told the court.

As a result of the last incident she contacted the police and after being arrested he was released on bail to have no contact with her.

But on the night of New Year's Day, Mrs Collett was woken by a banging on the bedroom window where he had been throwing stones up.

She looked out and saw her husband in the back garden.

Mrs Collett dialled 999 and then called her step-father who heard some of what happened as the line was left open.

Collett called out 'You have 30 seconds. Twenty. Ten,' as she went downstairs telling him to be quiet.But he picked up the old tumble drier and smashed it through the kitchen window shouting that he was going to kill her.

He then stormed in and smashed the bathroom door open and headbutted his wife three times.

Collett, of Woolpack Meadows, Trowbridge pleaded guilty to five counts of common assault, one of criminal damage and one of intimidation.

Mike Jeary, defending, said his client was not having an affair but had been talking to a woman he knew from the TA about his marriage problems.

As well as his time in the TA he said he had also worked for the post office, but lost his job after being remanded into custody.

Jailing him, Recorder James Watson QC said on New Year's Day his behaviour can 'only be described as berserk'

He said "In my judgement the combination of violence, repeated on multiple occasions, assaulting coupled with threats to kill, and in breach of bail, must merit an immediate custodial sentence."

The judge also imposed a restraining order banning him from having contact with his wife and family.