Devizes Gurkha enthusiast Roy Booth has appealed for help to form a support group in the run-up to the bicentenary of the Gurkha involvement with the British Army.

Mr Booth, 82, from Victoria Road, says he has been fascinated by the Nepalese soldiers since his school days.

He said: “We had a Gurkha officer come and speak to us at school and from that moment on I was hooked.”

Although Mr Booth never served in the Army – he spent his two years of National Service in the RAF – he has always been interested in the Gurkhas.

When he learned there was a Gurkha Welfare Trust in Salisbury, he wanted to start up a local support group.

He said: “Unfortunately, I have no computer and if you want to do anything these days you have to have email.

“Also, I have been told, because of my eyes, I am not allowed to drive any more so that is a handicap as well.

“If there is anyone out there with computer know-how who can help me get this off the ground, I would love to hear from them.”

Mr Booth believes there is a lot of interest in the Gurkhas and that many people would be interested in raising money for them.

He said: “I was on a bus going to Salisbury last week and I had a bag with The Gurkha Welfare Trust logo on it. A woman on the bus asked me about it and ended up becoming a member.”

He hopes to set up a stall in the Old Curiosity Market in The Shambles in the next few weeks to attract potential members.

Anyone who would like to get involved can contact Mr Booth through the Gazette by emailing lcowen@gazette or by calling (01225) 773605.