A TAXI boss has launched a campaign to force Vodafone to resolve signal problems in Marlborough.

Justin Cook runs private car hire business Arrow, in the High Street, and relies on Vodafone for his despatch system.

He was so fed up with the company’s failure to give a satisfactory explanation of signal issues that he started the Nodafone campaign on Facebook.

He said: “I’ve had a nightmare with my phone signal.

“When the rush hour takes place in Marlborough, my whole system is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

“I can’t get jobs through to the drivers as the network is overloaded.”

Mr Cook’s Facebook page petition has gained 50 signatures since launching on Monday.

And he is handing out flyers every day in the High Street to encourage Vodafone customers to back the campaign.

He said: “I’m being totally guerilla about this.

“The only way to get this sorted is to shake people out of their apathy and join together to get something done.

“I want to get this to board level because that’s the only way anything will get sorted, which is a real shame.”

Since hair stylist Kim Ross raised the issue in last week’s Gazette, several disgruntled customers have contacted the newspaper saying they have experienced the same problems.

Tracey Lavis, 47, of London Road, said: “I’ve had problems since before Christmas and Vodafone told me it was a problem with my phone.

“They suggested I needed a new sim card, which they sent out to me, but it’s made no difference.

“A few days ago my friend tried to call me when she was sitting next to me and my phone said it had full signal, but the call didn’t come through.

“My husband is with Vodafone and is a self-employed painter and decorator, so this is causing him problems as well.

“Its fine when he’s out of Marlborough during the day, but in the mornings and evenings he has to rely on the house phone and email.”

The Gazette requested Vodafone hold a public meeting in Marlborough to address customers’ concerns but the company said it did not have the resources to facilitate this.