You could be forgiven for having an early tipple when you have a car that contains special cabinets for decanters, although probably not wise if you are driving it.

Auctioneer Richard Edmonds will auction a 1950’s Bentley Mk VI, which contains the drinks decanters, at Castle Combe race circuit on Saturday the second of March as part of a two day auction of cars, bikes and on Friday the first – automobilia.

The car was one of the last Bentleys to have this type of coach work as the company was bought by a Rolls Royce dealer.

Its added feature of having two pockets in the door of the driver and passenger sides which contain decanters, one side has brandy and the other whiskey certainly adds to its charm explained auctioneer Richard Edmonds.

“To accompany the decanters there are also drop down tables in the back of the car. The interior is a sight of luxury and is full leather. We have estimated it at £40,000 to £50,000.”

There has also been the late edition to the sale; a superb 1950s Jaguar in great condition.

This 1958 XK150 is a California car that is still on its original tyres and is estimated at £40,000-£45,000.

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