Roundway Parish Council is objecting to a planning application for 350 houses on land next to Coate Bridge at Windsor Drive.

Glasgow developer Mactaggart & Mickel has submitted the plans.

At a meeting of the parish council on Monday night, councillors unanimously agreed to object to the planning application.

Chairman Chris Callow said the reasons for objecting included increased air pollution from traffic, increased congestion and concerns that the field in question is frequently flooded.

Coun Callow said: “The traffic problems will not just be on London Road. We thought the development would divert traffic into Coate and small villages, which are not geared up for large areas of traffic. They have problems with people using them as rat runs now.”

The parish council was told that if planning permission was granted, about £200,000 would be sought by Wiltshire Council from the developer to pay for pitches for sports such as cricket, football and rugby. The parish council was asked to submit any projects it thought such money should be spent on but Coun Callow said the parish council did not feel it was appropriate to consider the request and is concentrating its efforts on opposing the planning application.

The application will be determined at a future meeting of Wiltshire Council’s Eastern area planning committee.