Police are stepping up patrols around the Pewsey Co-op car park to put the brakes on so-called “boy racers”.

Youths on mopeds and in cars have been using the car park for wheel spins and racing, which is becoming a noisy nuisance for residents.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “It has been a problem intermittently for months, but it’s getting to be a more regular occurrence and it’s not just late at night.

“My main annoyance is that the exhausts are very noisy and this is usually a quiet and pleasant area, so it’s important for the police to crack down on it before it gets out of control.”

The problem was first reported to police three months ago, but residents say the situation has worsened over the past six weeks.

Police sergeant Vincent Logue said: “A survey has been sent out to residents and we’re still in the process of getting those back. But early indications suggest it’s definitely an issue.

“We think young people are using their parents’ cars.

“The message is: do these parents know what they’re using their cars for?”

PC Richard Barrett said: “All Neighbourhood Policing Teams have priorities and we’re making this ours.

“We’re carrying out regular patrols and issuing Section 59 orders, which means if this behaviour continues within a 12-month period the vehicle can be seized.

“Anti-Social Behaviour Officer Rowena Green has sent out letters and surveys to residents to find out when this problem is occurring and it seems to be at all times during the day.”

The police are working with the Co-op and parish council to curb the anti-social behaviour.

Pewsey Parish Council chairman Bob Woodward said: “Nobody has come to the parish council about the problem, but we have a very close relationship with the police who have given us a briefing and will come to us if we are needed.”

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said:“These surveys are a standard response to any issues of vehicle anti-social behaviour and we encourage all residents to complete them and have their say.

“This particular issue has already been raised with the Neighbourhood Policing Team, however we will wait for the responses to be returned before we do anything else so we know who is being affected and to what degree. Once the responses have been received, appropriate action will be taken.”