ASPIRING performers from across the town came together to record a single to help boost an eight-year-old’s fundraising mission.

Phoebe Maddison, of Groundwell West, and her friends from Stagecoach Theatre Arts Swindon have recorded the chorus for a song called Find a Cure, which has been organised by Pop4Diabetes.

Phoebe, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes four years ago, has raised hundreds of pounds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation since 2011 and funds raised from the single will also be donated to the charity.

Phoebe’s mum, Michelle, said: “Phoebe is heavily involved in Pop4Diabetes and sings for functions and charity events.

“Shane Board, who is Type 1 diabetic and heads Pop4Diabetes, will release the song later this year. He is producing it with the help of writer and producer Simon Ellis.

“He wanted a young choir of children who were affected by the condition or friends of a sufferer.

“Phoebe quickly put forward the idea of asking Stagecoach, which she is part of, and the principal, Sheryll Datta, was more than happy to oblige as were the children and their parents.

“Other children who are diabetic and friends of the charity also joined Stagecoach from all over the country to get involved. It was a great day and the choir sounded amazing.”

Pop4Diabetes is a non-profit fundraising organisation that raises cash for continuing research into finding a cure for Type1 diabetes.

Phoebe, her diabetic friends and the 16 other students from Stagecoach Theatre Arts Swindon, spent Sunday morning in the Room with a View recording studio in Ringwood near Bournemouth.

Type 1 diabetes means the body cannot regulate blood glucose levels on its own. Phoebe will need four insulin injections every day for the rest of her life until a cure is found.

She is on a mission to find a cure and has raised nearly £1,500 for JDRF since she started her fundraising drive in 2011.

Phoebe, a pupil at St Catherine’s Primary School, said: “I want to raise this money to find a cure for me and other people with it. I know that more children have my condition and I would love to be able to help them also.”

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