An employee from Windsmere Stone, Sells Green, has suffered serious injuries after his left hand became trapped in a stone saw this morning.

The incident happened at 9am at the stone, granite and marble company between Melksham and Devizes, and the man was trapped for over an hour as firefighters battled to release him with cutting equipment.

The Wiltshire Air Ambulance is currently being serviced but paramedic Ross Culligan was among the paramedics who treated the man, who was conscious but treated with morphine and painkillers.

Mr Culligan said: “The injuries this man sustained were incredibly serious. We planned a great deal with this incident and co-worked with the fire crew.

“We did it in very good time considering the complexity of the accident. We could not get to his hand.

“I took an image of his injuries prior to dressing his hand and sent it directly to the surgeons who could prepare the operating theatre. This is a step forward in patient care.”

The man was taken by land ambulance to Frenchay Hospital, Bristol.