Work to resurface a Chippenham road pitted with potholes has begun.

The B4069, Langley Road, is to be resurfaced between the New Road roundabout and the junction with Hill Corner Road, in three phases between now and June.

Wiltshire Council responded to pressure from Monkton councillor Chris Caswill, agreeing to include the roundabout in the resurfacing project, which began on Monday.

It will be worked on in a third phase of the scheme scheduled for June.

Mr Caswill said: “This is a victory for common sense and for the town.”

He brought the issue to last week’s Chippenham Area Board meeting, where councillors shared his concern about leaving it to a much later date. At the meeting, one member of the public said: “I cycle from Stanton to Chippenham and I’ve had various mishaps at that Little George roundabout because the surface is so uneven.

“Trying to dodge the potholes, you risk endangering motorists or coming a cropper.”

Mr Caswill said: “It’s great that Langley Road is going to be resurfaced at last and this is now going to include the Little George roundabout.

“It would have been grotesque for people to drive and ride into town down the nice new road surface and arrive at a roundabout full of potholes.”

Pew Hill resident Dave Mathers, 67, said: “It’s good news because there are very bad holes, I’ve had two very close misses.”

Wiltshire Council said the work would involve resurfacing the carriageway, kerbing and footway works, installation of new road markings and adjustment of ironwork.

Work on kerbing and the footpath this week mean two-way traffic signals are in force between 7.30am and 5pm.

The second phase of the scheme, to resurface the road between Tugela Road and the 50mph speed limit next to Hill Corner Road, will begin on April 15 and should take two weeks. The final phase, expected to start in June, is between Tugela Road and the New Road roundabout.