Two aspiring chefs have been turning their dreams into reality thanks to the training they have received through The Bistro in Devizes.

Matt Stubbs, 22, left school in 2008 not knowing what he wanted to do as a long-term career.

Having always enjoyed cooking and TV shows such as Master Chef, he began to look out for apprenticeship opportunities. One of the places he applied to was The Bistro in the Little Brittox, owned by TV chef Peter Vaughan.

Nick Farrant, also 22, left school in 2007 and studied sports science at Southampton University. Deciding that was not for him, he ended up in Wetherspoon’s kitchen as a call order chef.

He was looking for a job that required more skill and applied to the Bistro at exactly the same time so, although there was only one post on offer, two suitable candidates came along.

Margaret Bryant, course director at Vaughan’s Kitchen Limited, said: “An apprenticeship is not an easy option, particularly at the age of 21.They took a drop in pay and lots of young people can’t accept the fact that during their training period the pay will be low.

“These two young men saw it as an investment in their future and understood the long-term benefit. Both of them were thrown into the cut and thrust of working in a commercial kitchen. At the time The Bistro was becoming a part of a new firm, Vaughan’s Kitchen, with a range of other opportunities on offer for them to learn.

“It was clear after their interviews that both these young men had potential and were passionate about food.”

Mr Vaughan said: “They are proving themselves and have stepped up to the mark and are on their way to a successful career.”

He said they were working front of house and in the kitchen, which would help them understand both sides of the industry.