BECOMING a carer for a loved one may not be an easy task, but a dedicated team at Swindon Carers Centre is there to help every step of the way.

The charity, which has a team of professionals and trained volunteers, supports people with caring responsibilities in and around Swindon.

The team is working with corporate organisations in Swindon to find people who are carers in the workplace and help support them.

It provides one-to-one support and directs people in the right direction for services, complementary therapies, and chances to meet up in groups and take part in activities.

Diana Finch, CEO of Swindon Carers Centre, said: “Nobody chooses to be a carer and at some point in our lives seven out of 10 of us will find ourselves in a situation where we have to care for someone.

“It might be someone in your family who has an accident or they may have a gradually debilitating disease, or it may be a child who from birth needs a carer with them all the time.

“Being a carer can very quickly take over your life.”

Swindon Carers Centre works in partnership with groups including NHS services, Swindon Council and voluntary organisations.

They support people looking after people with physical or mental health problems. The charity runs training courses according to demand to help carers cope.

“When you first become a carer you are trying to piece together the health and social care system as well as making sure the person you are looking after has the right care. It can be difficult,” said Diana.

“Often when people come to us they don’t know what help is available. They can be worried about work and taking time off, or about the benefits system.”

To help find people who are carers in the workplace, the charity will be holding an event at Jurys Inn on June 13, which will include a talk from South Swindon MP Robert Buckland and Tony Martin, who is volunteer development manager at Zurich Community Trust.

On May 26 there will be a Sunbeat Festival at the Sun Inn in Coate to raise funds for the charity, which will include all-day music for 11 hours.

The charity is offering a sponsorship package for the event for £700, which would include having the sponsor’s logo on a film of the event.

In the summer there will be a bandstand marathon at Queens Park. Swindon Carers Centre is also looking for volunteers.

For more details, call 01793 531133 or visit