Real-life ghostbusters will spend Saturday night at Chippenham Museum.

Assistant curator Paul Connell said he had heard unexplained noises at the museum in the Market Place.

He has enlisted Brighton-based paranormal investigation team TruthSearchers UK to see what they can find, along with Mat Maceley-Young, part of local enthusiast group Paranormal Planet.

Mr Connell said: “I’ve heard things while working late after all the other staff have gone home.

“Other members of staff have heard similar noises.”

Mr Maceley-Young, 37, of Westlea, Swindon, works for an IT company and spoke to museum staff about their experiences.

He said: “I heard footsteps when I was there on a job. It was just me and the cleaner. She said she’d heard them before. I searched upstairs and there was no one there.”

The team will set up a ouija board, crystal divination and recording equipment in the museum from 8pm to 3.30am and will write a report of their findings.

Mr Connell said: “I have an open mind.

“The building has a long history, there is a story of it burning down.”

The plaque on the front attributes the buildings to be on the site of King Alfred’s Hunting Palace, a claim reinforced by the 1887 First Series Ordnance Survey map.

The Yelde Hall is also to be investigated. It was built as a meeting place in the 15th century.

Participant Alfred Bear will be tweeting the goings on from the ghost hunt. He can be followed on Twitter: @Alfred Bear