Devizes bistro owner Philip O’Shea has swapped his deli for a wine bar.

Mr O’Shea’s changes at The Peppermill, in St John’s Street, have been driven by customer demand, he said. The café remains and Mr O’Shea has increased the number of seats.

He said: “We got rid of the fridge that stocked our cheeses, so most of the deli has gone. We have got more seats and have put in a new bar.

“Although lots of people said they liked our range of cheese, not many bought them.

“On Friday and Saturday evenings we had been turning people away because we did not have enough seats. There is more money to be had in alcohol than cheese.”

Mr O’Shea opened The Peppermill in May last year, converting it from his estate agency shop which he ran for 15 years.

The deli stocked up to 60 cheeses, meats and fresh fish.

While Mr O’Shea was disappointed the deli did not prove successful, he is philosophical.

He said: “The deli did all right, but every business has to drive forward. The demand wasn’t for cheeses. I was quite surprised the deli didn’t take off but, in retrospect, there are delis at Roses and Giddings and in the supermarkets.”

The Peppermill will have three shelves of deli-type products, such as olive oils and vinegars. Seating has been increased by 25 to 70.

The wine bar will sell a selection of ten red wines and ten white wines, plus cocktails, premium lagers and ciders on tap, as well as locally brewed Dundas real ale. The Peppermill will sell bar snacks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

The new-look Peppermill reopens today following a refurbishment.

Mr O’Shea said: “The wine bar will have a pleasant ambience and is for people who don’t want to go to a rowdy pub.

“I don’t know of anywhere in Devizes where you can try ten different wines by the glass and there will be a good selection of cocktails.”