Ferraris, Bentleys and Aston Martins might be on the wish lists of most lottery winners, but Trowbridge’s new modest millionaire has his eyes on a Ford C-Max after his big win last week.

John Alford, 76, of Studley Green, scooped £1.4m with a lucky dip in the Saturday, April 13, Lotto draw, but he is in no rush to splash the cash and does not think the money will change him.

Other than paying for a summer holiday to Florida for more than 20 family members, Mr Alford and his wife, Pauline, 76, have not made any extravagant purchases.

He said: “The reaction has been fantastic. People just keep going past and saying hello. It’s such a marvellous feeling and I can’t wait for the holiday.

“Everyone just keeps shaking my hand, which is lovely, and I’ve not had one bad comment or remark.”

The couple, who have three grown-up children – Debra, Martin and Michael – said the men of the family had been encouraging Mr Alford to replace his Ford Fusion.

“I have always really fancied a C-Max, but they are all saying get a BMW or a Mercedes, but that is what I want and that is what I’m going to get,” he said.

“On the day I received the cheque, I picked the Fusion up from its MOT, which it passed, so that’ll do me for now. There’s no rush.”

Mrs Alford, married to John for more than 50 years, said: “It’s so strange, walking into the supermarket and seeing pictures of yourself on the newsstands, but our greatgrandchildren have liked it.”

Mr Alford, a former Ushers lorry driver, was chairman of Selwood Housing for five years and helped set up the Studley Green Tenant and Residents Association (TARA) in 1993 and is still chairman.

He said: “I’m going to carry on with the TARA. I don’t plan on chucking anything in.”