The Trowbridge woman accused of murdering her partner Ian Graham told police she hoped he died from his two stab wounds, a court heard.

During yesterday’s proceedings at Bristol Crown Court, the jury, of nine women and three men, were played video footage of Louise Jane Cox, 45, of Newtown, in custody at Melksham Police Station, after she was arrested for attempted murder, in the early hours of November 20.

Mr Graham, 51, of Beaufort Mansions, Stallard Street, died at Royal United Hospital, Bath, at 5.27am on November 20 following a fatal stab wound to the chest which he suffered at his studio apartment following a drinking session with Cox and his friend Ian Hungerford.

“I wanted to murder the bloke, I didn’t want to attempt to murder the bloke,” Cox said, in the video.

“When I stuck the knife into the bloke I loved every minute of it.”

Sergeant James Williams, who was overseeing the facility when Cox was brought in, attempted to put one of Cox’s disclosures on her custody record.

He said: “The note I made stated Cox saying I hope he dies, is he dead the bloke I stabbed? I wanted to murder the bloke not attempt it.”

When approached to put the admission on record Cox refused to sign an electronic tablet.

She said: “I hope he doesn’t, bloody hell, whatever has gone on before has gone on.”

The footage then shows Cox repeatedly state she wanted Mr Graham to die from his injuries then another video, recorded in a dry cell at the station at 5.40am, shows the accused breakdown in tears when officers inform her Mr Graham’s death.

“You’re lying, I don’t believe you, I’m not capable of murder. Oh god, I’m a murderer, oh god I murdered somebody,” said Cox.

“It is not real, it is not real, it is all in my imagination, I will wake up in a minute.”

Cox, Mr Graham and Mr Hungerford had been drinking at the deceased’s ground floor flat in the early evening of November 19 into the night, in the build up to Mr Graham’s death.

He suffered, one 3cm injury to his neck and a fatal 12cm injury to his chest which went through an artery at around 4.20am, with Mr Hungerford claiming he was in the bathroom making a call to his then-girlfriend when it happened.

Earlier today, the court, overseen by Neil Ford QC, heard the 999 call which was made after Mr Graham suffered his injuries.

In the recording, Cox said: “Ian help me, what is the address? Right, do you know Bargain Booze in Trowbridge? Can you get someone out here, he’s dying.”

Mr Hungerford took over the distressed phone call with it taking around five minutes for him to find the address of Mr Graham’s home.

“The address? For f**k sake, we are next to Bowyers,” said Mr Hungerford.

“Get someone here, sort it out, get someone down here now.”

Police officers, followed by paramedics, arrived at the flat at 4.30am and found a bloody kitchen knife and Cox had left the flat by this time with Mr Hungerford trying to aid his stricken friend.

Cox was found sat on a bench at Trowbridge Train Station and arrested, at around 4.40am, under suspicion of attempted murder - later being charged with murder.

PC Neil Manning, who arrested Cox, said: “As I approached her, she looked up and her first words were, I know why you are here, is he dead yet?”

He said that after Cox was arrested she continued to speak about Mr Graham and claimed she had been attacked by her partner.

PC Manning said: “She said that Mr Graham had assaulted her and showed me some bruises on her neck and kept saying is he dead yet?”

Seven hours after being arrested a urine sample was taken from Cox which showed she was still around one-and-a-half times over the legal drink/drive limit.

A blood sample taken from Mr Graham during his post mortem examination showed he was four times over the drink/drive limit at the time of his death.

The case continues today.