A woman in her 60s who was left with a suspected broken nose after she confronted two burglars in her own bedroom says she is pleased her ordeal is over after the pair were jailed.

The plucky householder chased after Darren Jackson and Andrew Scarrot, despite blood pouring from her nose, alerting passers by as to what had taken place.

The chase was taken up by a white van man who, along with others, managed to detain the raiders until the police arrived.

Jackson, 28, and Scarrott, 29, had used a chisel and hammer to break into the house on Westbury Road, Trowbridge, just after midday on Monday March 18 While they were inside Jacquie Kendall arrived home and realised immediately something was amiss.

At first she feared her husband had come home ill from work, but going upstairs she was confronted by the two men.

Hannah Squire, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court she shouted ‘What the hell are you doing here?’ seeing the men surrounded by her empty jewellery boxes.

One replied ‘I’ll put it all back if you let us out,’ before moving towards her causing her to scream.

They told her to be quiet and one pout his hand over her mouth before she was shoved, smashing her face against a banister.

As they fled through the dining room window she gave chase, stopping a passing van after the driver Johnny Doran spotted blood pouring from her face.

He followed the men up the road and with other passers by managed to detain them at a roundabout.

But as others came to his aid the burglars tried to tell them they were the Good Samaritan’s detaining Mr Doran, who was the real culprit.

When they didn’t believe them Jackson told the van driver that he was armed with a knife, causing him to briefly let him go, thought it was not true.

As a result of the raid all of Mrs Kendall‘s jewellery, apart from her wedding ring which she was wearing, was taken.

Although the items, many of which had great sentimental value like her mother’s and her engagement rings, were recovered it was down to the public, not the defendants.

Medics are still not sure whether her nose was broken, she said, and she now feared being alone in her home.

Scarrott, of Primmers Place, and Jackson, of Saxon Close, both Warminster, pleaded guilty one burglary and asking for another to be taken into consideration.

Alex Daymond, for Jackson, said his client, who has a long list of previous convictions, realised he faced a lengthy jail term.

Andrew Eddie, for Scarrott, said his client had four children and was experiencing money trouble at the time. Both men sent letters of apology to be given to Mrs Kendall.

Jailing them for 32 months Recorder Nicholas Hall said: "The ordeal that Mrs Kendall suffered at your hands is something that no householder should be expected to put up with.