An eBay auction selling items collected by Doctor Who fan Barbara Bell will help to set up a legacy fund in her memory at the Calne Veterinary Centre.

Miss Bell, a freelance website designer and photographer, built up a collection of around 150 items, including books, DVDS, CDS, and figurines at her home in Corfe Crescent, Calne.

In January 2012 she lost her battle against cancer, while only in her early 50s. The collection will be sold to help pet owners struggling to pay bills for treatment at the veterinary centre.

Rob Stokes, who is organising the auction, runs Rascom IT Limited, on the Porte Marsh Industrial Estate, met Miss Bell more than six years ago when she needed help fixing her computer.

Their friendship started when she spotted a Doctor Who Easter egg in his office and they began swapping DVDs, books and bargains they had found at local shops and online stores.

Shortly after Miss Bell’s funeral, he was asked by her friends and family, who live in St Albans, to help sort her collection and he spent several months cataloguing items into lots.

Mr Stokes, of Stanier Road, said: “She was always very friendly, very caring certainly towards animals. She was involved with things like the Avebury Stones and she would always go up for the solstice.

“She had been into Doctor Who for quite a while and she got some signed stuff from the early years. She had been to fairs and that’s where she met some of the cast.

“We moved some stuff and found a bit more. We were never sure we had got to the end of it, it’s quite an impressive collection.”

Sarah Slade, practice manager at the Calne Veterinary Centre, said the new fund would be put to good use.

She said: “Rob said Barbara wanted to have a fund for anyone struggling with vets’ bills.

“Barbara was a client of ours and became very friendly with all of us. When she died suddenly it was a shock to us because we didn’t know her background.

“It will make a significant difference to some people if we have this fund.

“It’s not just people entitled to benefits, it’s people whose job may have changed and they may not be earning as much.

“People are having their animals put to sleep because they cannot afford the treatment. It would give them more of a choice because we can’t advise people to get into debt for an animal.”

Miss Bell’s collection will be sold in three separate auctions, with the first finishing at noon on Saturday.

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