A Trowbridge couple shaved their heads for a 14-year-old boy who was diagnosed with cancer of the bone in his leg and had to have it amputated.

Marcus and Becky Marsh found out about Kingdown pupil Matthew after his dad, who was a regular customer at Mr Marsh’s workplace at Sydenhams Builders Merchants in Warminster, told him.

Mr Marsh, 40, said: “His dad came in just before Christmas to tell us his son had cancer and we were really taken aback.”

Matthew’s chemotherapy at Southampton General Hospital was unsuccessful and doctors at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospi-tal in Stanmore amputated his leg two weeks ago.

Mrs Marsh, a teaching assistant at St John’s Primary School in Trowbridge, came up with the fundraising idea and was later supported by her husband.

She said: “I heard about Matthew shortly after I lost my mum just before Christmas to a brain tumour.

“I am not the sportiest of people and I couldn’t ever do a sponsored silence, but I wanted to show solidarity.

“Matthew is so brave and he doesn’t stop smiling. He has a positive mental attitude and is such an inspiration.

“Everybody has been so lovely in the build-up and my class at school have been amazing. The school has also decided to donate half of the profits made from the school fete, which is a wonderful gesture.”

The couple had already raised more than £1,250 before the head shave through donations from family, friends and colleagues.

Mr Marsh said: “I appreciate it is a massive thing for a lady to have done.

“I have always loved my hair, but I know it will grow back. It does feel a lot colder now it has been shaved off.

“Most people know someone close who has been affected in one way or another by cancer. We tried to keep this as personal as possible. It has blown us away how much we have raised.”

The head shave was carried out by hairdressers Tina Poulton and Sam Malone from Sweeney Todd’s in Silver Street, Warminster.

For details of how to make a donation, email:acloseshaveformatthew@gmail.com