CALNE resident Emma Haines is having her hair shaved off in support of younger sister Heidi Hudd, who has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

Mrs Haines, 35, of North End, has booked an appointment for the head shave on August 30 at Maria Christina Hair and Beauty Salon in New Road, Chippenham, where her sister’s teenage daughter Chloe Hudd works.

Her sister, who lives in Bromham, was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago and fought off the disease, only to be diagnosed with liver and bone cancer recently.

Mrs Haines will raise funds for Cancer Research UK and if she raises £1,000 by the time of her appointment, her husband Brett and Mrs Hudd’s husband Martin will also have their bodies waxed.

Mrs Haines, who runs her own mail order business, said: “She’s one of those very upbeat people, but the one thing she did say is ‘I don’t want to lose my hair again’ so that’s why I’m doing it.

“Heidi has been given a cold cap – chemotherapy doesn’t like cold areas, so by applying a cap that freezes your head, it stops the medication from going to your hair.

“Forty per cent of people lose their hair regardless and if Heidi does lose her hair it will be on that date. If she does we will do it together, and if she doesn’t she will be able to laugh at me.”

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