A disapointing turnout to the charity extravaganza at Marlborough town hall hasn’t put Ellie Vesey-Thompson off organising another event.

Ellie, 18, of the High Street, Burbage, is the chairman of Conservative Future for Devizes and held the event to give people a more hands on experience of the work of the charities involved.

But with some charities pulling out the day before the event and a lack of public involvement on the day, the extravaganza was not as successful as it could have been.

Ellie, a former pupil at St John’s School, Marlborough, said: “It went okay but not as many people turned out as I would have hoped.

“Now we know what works and what doesn’t, we can learn from this event and try it out in other areas to see if it works better.

“The thing with Marlborough is that you can either have a really good day or a day when nobody is about, but we filled a lot of shoe boxes to send to troops, we had to stop because we ran out of supplies.”