South West Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison voted with the Government to consider military action against the Assad regime in Syria last night.

He said today: “People should be appalled by the pictures and images we are seeing from Syria and we await the United Nations’ inspection findings with a great deal of interest.”

Mr Murrison, who served for 18 years as a Medical Officer in the Royal Navy and was recalled in 2003 to serve in Iraq, said he did not feel Prime Minister David Cameron's authority had been damaged by losing the vote, as some commentators have been saying this morning.

He said: “As the Prime Minister has said, he noted the view of the Commons and will act accordingly. I don’t think his authority has been damaged.

"What we have seen is a Prime Minister who is willing to listen to concerns and reflect them. Too often in the past we have had political leaders who have carried on regardless, as I know in 2003 when I voted against the Iraq war.

“We have seen a lot of this in the past and in this case we have seen a mature leader who has instigated this debate. People should be very pleased we have a leader who is prepared to act in this way.

“The USA has said it will continue to work closely with the UK. The UK is in special position in relation to the USA and I don’t anticipate that changing."