Starting at 10am on Tuesday October 15, Localgiving is giving away £500,000 on behalf of the Office of Civil Society as Grow Your Tenner returns for another match fund bonanza.

The Community Foundation for Wiltshire & Swindon is working in partnership with to help local community groups get started with online fundraising and take advantage of this match-fund opportunity. will double all donations up to £10, so a tenner becomes £20, or £22.50 with Gift Aid.

For new monthly donations, they will double up to £10 a month for six months. The Community Foundation will also offer groups who would like to sign up to Localgiving a grant of £72 for the first year’s subscription.

This year, for the first time, sponsorship money from individual fundraisers will also be matched up to £10, so you can sign up to a fundraising challenge, ask your friends to sponsor you and receive doubled donations for the local charity of your choice.

Grow Your Tenner 2013 will run until all £500,000 has been allocated across the country.

Laura Wilson, community fundraiser for Swindon Therapy Centre for MS, a group who have taken advantage of this opportunity, said: “It can be intimidating for some people to embrace ‘new’ technologies but Localgiving has made it so straightforward. The site is so clear and easy to use, I really love it."

Localgiving will start matching single and monthly donations up to £10 for every donation. Start the process now to be registered in time to take part in Grow Your Tenner by visiting to register online with your group’s details.

More information is available at or please contact Kirsty Haasjes at The Community Foundation for Wiltshire & Swindon, 01380 729284.