A man who police say faked a cardiac arrest received CPR from an unsuspecting member of the public in Malmesbury today.

Emergency services were allegedly duped into thinking a man had been knocked off his bike and was in cardiac arrest in the High Street this afternoon.

Sergeant Martin Alvis confirmed that the air ambulance, police and ambulance crews were called to Lower High Street at about 2.45pm to find that the man is someone known to the emergency services for fake call-outs.

The ambulance crew had been diverted from another call in order to attend the call-out in Malmesbury.

The time-waster is believed to have been drinking before the incident; no one else was involved.

Sgt Alvis said: “I spoke to him and he apologised profusely.

“I pointed out the implications of what he had done.

“The ambulance was on its way to Swindon and had to turn round and come back to see him.

“We will be working with the ambulance service, and him, to reduce these calls in future.”

Police said that the man involved has been known to call for an ambulance two to three times a month, up to a couple of years ago.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance paramedics confirmed they were called out, and had taken off, and had planned to land behind the police station, however, they were given notice to stand down as they made their way to Malmesbury.

No one has been arrested.