Remarkable Trowbridge grandad Danny Kay will have two reasons for celebration on Sunday – when he runs his 500th marathon on his 72nd birthday.

Mr Kay, who lives in Cranmore Close with wife Marion, will attempt to accomplish the astonishing feat in Italy, where he will take on the Pisa Marathon – his 35th marathon in 2013.

What makes the achievement even more incredible is the fact that he only started marathon running after he turned 40, when he ran in Gosport and Fareham in 1982.

Since then he has competed all over Britain, including 27 London Marathons, as well as running marathons in New York, Boston, Barcelona, Paris, Sydney and Melbourne.

Mr Kay, who worked at Avon Rubber in Trowbridge for 38 years before retiring, flies out for his milestone marathon on Friday.

He said: “I first took up marathon running quite late in life.

“I was fat and 40 and decided I had to do something about it.

“After I did my first one I initially said I never wanted to do another one ever again as I was in agony, but then a few weeks later I thought I could do much better and it just went from there.

“The first few years I was doing about four a year, but there are so many about now that the last 100 marathons have been in the last three years and I did another 100 in the three years before that.

“I’m a bit crazy really, but it’s been a great way to travel the world and I don’t tend to go anywhere unless there is a marathon I can do.

“London is probably my favourite, but I just love the atmosphere and the camaraderie in all marathons.”

Mr Kay, who has two daughters and four grandchildren, will not be resting long after he completes his 500th marathon as he will be running the Portsmouth Costal Waterside Marathon on December 22.

He is aiming to continue running marathons for the foreseeable future as well, targeting 600 marathons before he turns 75.

Mr Kay, who achieved a best time of three hours, two minutes, said: “There are lots more that I haven’t done that I want to run, although time is against me.

"I will let my body decide when it is time to stop.”