Four houses in Kington Langley are cut off by two feet of floodwater this morning.

Wiltshire Council said the B4069 is now passable, apart from a section by Sutton Road in Kington Langley.

Residents of a cottage in Sutton Benger are cleaning up after being flooded on Saturday. Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service attended at 10am to pump out water after days of rain.

A spokesman for the service said: “Saturday was our main pinch point. It was mainly in Devizes and Melksham areas, but we did go out to one house in Sutton Benger High Street. I think people are used to it now and they’ve got their own pumps, but this pump had broken.

“A crew from Chippenham went out and used their major pump. They were there just over half an hour.”

Village postmaster Peter Smith said: “It’s just the one house that’s been flooded this time. It’s not been flooded before in 30 years but it’s happened twice in the past two months.

“We’ve been able to get in and out of Sutton Benger village by different diversions, like I couldn’t drive into Kington Langley at the weekend so I turned around and went down the bypass.”

In Christian Malford, parish council clerk Martin Helps said: “Until recently we’d escaped quite well except for the B4069 between Sutton Benger and Dauntsey, but things are changing on a daily basis.”

The B4069 was first hit early on Christmas Eve when the River Avon burst its banks, sending water gushing down the main road at Christian Malford and Willowbrook End in Sutton Benger.

According to Christian Malford Primary School, the B4069 is now clear though the minor road to Foxham by the Rising Sun is still flooded.

Gleeson are due to start work soon on 21 homes at Hazelwood Farm in Sutton Benger, an area that was twice badly flooded in November 2012.

Wiltshire councillor Howard Greenman criticised planning consent, saying there had been over a metre of water in at least one of the houses there, coming from M4 run-off and Seagry Brook.

But Gleeson said their drainage scheme would significantly reduce the existing drainage problems by reducing the flood risk to Seagry Brook.

Redrow are also building 63 houses off High Street on the new Park estate, with its marketing suite opening in August last year.

A volunteer at Kington St Michael village shop said this morning the stream was high and water was running down the roads, but the drains were coping.