RESIDENTS in North Swindon are scooping up a post-Christmas treat after homeowner Duncan Evans explained how they could claim a rebate from Thames Water.

Duncan, a resident in north Swindon and a member of the Priory Vale, Swindon group on Facebook, discovered many residents in new developments in the northern sector could be entitled to a rebate.

Thames Water automatically collects a charge for taking water running off the buildings straight into the sewers.

But building regulations that came into force in 2001 mean that many of the properties built in the Priory Vale area were built to standards which prevents the connection of rainwater to the sewer system.

As a result, homeowners living in properties built after 2001 are entitled to a rebate, and some residents have clawed back £180.

Future bills can also see a discount of 10 per cent because these properties do not use the sewer system.

Coun Emma Faramarzi (Con, Priory Vale), is one of the residents who has applied for the rebate.

She said: “It’s not so much the lump sum but the percentage off the bill going forward which will help.

“We don’t want to pay for something we don’t use.

“In my opinion, Thames Water should just pay everybody back, they must know what properties are over paying, so why not just take it off their bill.”

A spokesman from Thames Water said: “If the surface water from your property does not drain into our sewer then you can apply for a rebate. Surface water is rainwater that falls on to your property and runs via guttering and drainpipes into the public sewer, or water that drains into the sewers when doing things like washing the car.

“Your bill will state if surface water drainage charges are not included, but if there is evidence of a sewer close by then it is likely that surface water from your property drains directly to the sewer.”

Residents who want to find out how they can claim for a rebate should visit your-account/566.htm.

To apply for a rebate visit

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