Fish and chip shop owner Steve Webb says Wiltshire Council is wasting money by not solving drainage problems at the same time as carrying out roadworks near his Chippenham shop.

Mr Webb, of Buckles in Sheldon Road, said: “At the weekend the road and path near the shop was completely flooded. This keeps on happening and Wiltshire Council is aware of the problem.

“It would make sense to me if while the road is closed for improvements to the footpath they solved these drainage problems as well. It is a waste of money to have to dig the road up twice.”

The road is expected to remain shut for two weeks but Mr Webb is worried that the heavy rain which is causing widespread flooding problems will mean delays.

He said: “We just want people to realise that we are open as usual. We have parking outside the front of the shop that people can’t use but they can still get to us by foot.

“If people think we are closed they will just go somewhere else instead which is very bad for our business.”

John Thomson, cabinet member for highways at Wiltshire Council, said: “This scheme has been requested by local people through the Chippenham Area Board to improve and create a safer route for pedestrians using this road. The works at Sheldon Road/Lowden Hill will include additional resurfacing work and improved signage to help slow traffic.

“These improvements will encourage people to access the shops and businesses in this area and we’re hoping to keep the works to only two weeks and minimise disruption by having ‘business as usual’ signs up where necessary and ensuring the road is open to through traffic in the evenings when possible.

“Although there are no plans to carry out any additional drainage improvement work in this area at present, the existing gullies will be cleared following the recent weather and pipework inspected for any blockages or damage.”