Staff at a Box-based charity will be making their national TV debut later this week as they feature on a new BBC show.

Jamie’s Farm will feature on Tough Young Teachers, a six-part documentary which follows a group of high-flying graduates in their first year teaching in some of the country’s toughest schools.

The cameras follow 23-year-old Charles Wallendahl as he takes a class from the Archbishop Lanfranc School in Croydon to the Wiltshire farm for a week.

The charity provides placements for inner-city children, helping them develop confidence and personal skills.

It became involved with the show through the Teach First programme, which recruits graduates to work in under-performing schools.

Charity administrator Wendy Kemp said: “We are quite closely linked to Teach First, as our founder Jamie Feilden was a Teach First graduate, and two of my colleagues here have been through the programme.

“We have visiting schools who bring between ten and 12 pupils for the scheme, where they do farming, gardening and therapy.

“We follow that up with school visits.

“This documentary followed a teacher for a year, and one of the weeks was him bringing a group here to the farm, along with a full TV crew.”

The episode was filmed last spring, and the farm staff are all keen to see how they come across on the small screen.

Ms Kemp said: “It was quite a while ago now, but we are going to be watching it here.

“We haven’t seen the final cut yet, so we have all got that excitement, but we don’t know what we will be on or how we will appear, so we’re all a bit nervous.”

The series starts tonight at 9pm on BBC3, with the Jamie’s Farm episode due to go on air on January 23.

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