Two brothers who started a 'wild west brawl' at a Melksham pub, have been jailed for 10 months.

Joe and Ross Butler, 23 and 21 respectively, had been drinking heavily after going to the West End pub following their step gran's wake on Tuesday, August 13.

But when the pair of builders' language and behaviour deteriorated and they were asked to leave they launched into an orgy of violence in front of shocked families, including young children and pensioners.

They attacked members of staff and customers, upturned tables and chairs, smashed glasses and pictures and hurled abuse.

The violence caused hundreds of pounds of damage and was so bad that one waitress scrambled out of a window in fear.

Once outside, Ross Butler ripped umbrellas from the tables to hurl about, while his brother stood in the road bashing passing cars. He got one to stop, wrenched open the door and snarled at the young woman driver 'Get out of the car, I'm going to rob you' before yelling 'Get in the car Ginge,' to his brother.

But the terrified motorist managed to escape and drive around the corner.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court on Friday: "This was frankly nothing short of a wild west brawl at the West End pub in Melksham. They terrified law abiding customers who were trying to have a family drink on a summer afternoon."

Arriving at about 1pm, thety drank steadily during the afternoon but as their language and behaviour deteriorated the manager told them they would not get any more alcohol once they had finished the drinks they had.

Ross Butler shouted at bar staff who would not serve him and he smashed a glass into optics before both started swinging punches at various customers and staff, even at one point fighting with each other.

Mr Meeke said children as young as six or seven and pensioners were all left distressed by the violence.

Joe Butler, of Burnet Close, and Ross Butler, of Spa Court, both Melksham, pleaded guilty to affray.

The pair's father, Stephen, told the court he employed both of his sons and said he found what they had done 'shocking'.

Jailing them, Judge Douglas Field said: "You engaged in a prolonged episode of drunken rampage. It was very frightening for the staff, the customers and their children.

"A glass was smashed, punches swung at customers, customers assaulted, staff assaulted, fixtures and fittings damaged.

"It spilled outside, you stopped this lady motorist and tried to get in her car causing her considerable fear.

"This behaviour is not tolerated. You are both gong to prison immediately."