The Wiltshire MP given the task of representing the Prime Minister in First World War centenary commemorations says plans are on track.

Andrew Murrison, the MP for South West Wiltshire, said one of the main focuses of the year’s events and activities would be on educating youngsters about the Great War.

Dr Murrison has been tasked with co-ordinating national events to mark the anniversary.

Among county groups organising events is Codford Local History Society, which is holding a range of activities throughout June and July as part of its Wylye Valley 1914 Project.

The provisional programme includes living history re-enactments and an exhibition at Codford Village Hall, with an interactive display map of Army camps between Longbridge Deverill and Codford.

Dr Murrison said: “I think the plans are well developed and everything appears to be on track. There is an increase of activity and interest recently, especially in Wiltshire, which is an area accustomed to military matters.

“There are a number of high quality projects that I am aware of and that will be added to in the months ahead.

“I hope that what we will end up with is an appropriate commemoration of an extraordinary period that changed every aspect of the way we live life today.

“I have been to Codford History Society to discuss their plans with them and I think that it will be a really good programme of events. The schools will also be heavily involved across the country.”

As part of the Government’s £50 million programme of events for the next four years, pupils from every state secondary school will travel to the First World War battlefields.

Dr Murrison said: “The Battlefield Tours Project is one of the big initiatives to mark the centenary. Youth and education have been made the keystone of this commemoration and the visits to battlefields is an absolutely crucial element of that.”

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