The report of an inspection at the Royal United Hospital, Bath, will be published at the beginning of February.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) visited the hospital in December and held listening events for patients and the public to tell them of any concerns.

The RUH was one of a number of hospitals that was inspected under the CQC’s new rigorous regime, with an inspection team comprising about 30 people.

RUH bosses were due to receive the draft report today from the CQC and will be able to give its feedback before the final report is made public, which will be in early February.

In the inspection it carried out at the RUH in June last year the CQC found the hospital was not meeting five essential standards: respecting and involving patients; care and welfare of patients; safeguarding patients; assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision and records. It did meet the standard of co-operating with other providers.