Long-awaited work to improve safety at Lowden Hill tunnel, Chippenham, should be finished by the end of the week.

Since work began on January 6 after flooding there subsided, a new footway has been created, the road resurfaced and the one-way system changed to two-way, with priority given in the Bath Road direction. White lines were due to be painted today.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “These improvements were requested by local people after concerns about the traffic. We are working with the town council which is helping to fund this work. The scheme will slow vehicles down as they come over the brow of the hill.”

The new give-way marking and sign is due to be monitored for an initial period in order to assess its effectiveness before deciding whether it will be retained permanently.

At the Chippenham area board meeting last week, Martin Rose, principal traffic engineer for Wiltshire Council, said the tunnel was one of nine highways improvements totalling £25,000 scheduled to be done in the area this year, under the recommendation of Chippen-ham’s community area transport group.

Other schemes included lighting for Lowden Hill tunnel and an upgraded zebra crossing at New Road.

A footway has now also been constructed outside Clift House retirement housing on Langley Road.

The schemes were all suggested by residents, businesses and town and parish councils, encouraged by Mr Rose.

Parvis Khansari, associate director for highways and transport, told the area board it was the first time people had had the opportunity to help set priorities for road improvements, as expenditure on maintenance had been increased.