Developers wanting to build homes in Malmesbury are appealing over decisions made against them last year.

Gleeson Strategic Land’s application for 180 homes was approved in March 2013, but permission was withdrawn less than 24 hours later by the Planning Inspectorate, which said the decision had been issued in error.

Gleeson fought the decision but a judge at Bristol’s Administrative Court rejected the claim. Despite this, Gleeson will challenge the judicial review in March.

White Lion Land’s appeal to build 77 homes off Park Road will be heard at a public enquiry in April after its application was twice refused by the North Wiltshire Planning Committee after numerous objections.

Wiltshire Council said the plan is premature to the progression of its core strategy document and Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan.

Simon Killane, a Malmesbury town and Wiltshire councillor, said: “We, as a community, have a neighbourhood plan that we think delivers the best outcomes for the town and we are being challenged, understandably.”

The neighbourhood plan has been approved by Wiltshire Council and will go to consultation before it is decided whether it will go to a referendum later this year.

Malmesbury is the first neighbourhood in Wiltshire to reach this stage.