Corsham residents were shocked when a major drugs factory was found in a town centre apartment.

Police were called to Alexander House in High Street just after 6pm last Friday after reports of a water leak in the building.

They were granted access by the management company and discovered extensive hydroponics equipment and 150 cannabis plants in various stages of growth in a top floor apartment that also included loft space.

The flat’s electricity supply had also been diverted from the mains.

PC Hazel Anderson, of Corsham Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “There was a lot of equipment in there, and they had taken various steps to cover up the smell of cannabis.

“CID are investigating, and they estimate it has a High Street value of almost £100,000. If we hadn’t made this routine inquiry we probably wouldn’t have picked this up.

“Usually with drug factories you can hear the noise from the hydroponics equipment or smell something, but from our point of view this was very well-hidden.”

Neighbours were shocked to hear about the factory.

Nina Hammett, owner of the Green Ginger health food store opposite, said: “Nobody has been at all aware of what was going on.

“We were here on Saturday observing lots of goings on. I was just totally amazed at how much stuff they were bringing out.”

Adam Mills, senior sales negotiator at Allen and Harris estate agents in the High Street, said the property had no prior history with drugs.

He said: “I know the building; I think the vast majority are privately-owned apartments, and quite nice ones at that, and I certainly haven’t ever heard of any issues there.

“You don’t expect this sort of thing, especially in the little sleepy town of Corsham.”

No arrests have been made, and inquires are still ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.