A law firm dealing with a claim for asbestos exposure is appealing for other victims and their families to come forward.

Their client Keith Collett, a Chippenham electrician who worked at Westinghouse for 43 years, died due to asbestos exposure, a coroner ruled last October.

Novum Law would like to hear from anyone else who worked at the Chippenham factory between 1950 and 1993 who may be able to assist them with the case.

Mr Collett, who had also worked at the factory in Melksham, died at his home in Little England aged 84.

It was not until 20 years after retiring, and a year after his wife Amy died, that he was diagnosed with the asbestos-related disease mesothelioma.

The post-mortem confirmed he had numerous asbestos bodies in his lungs and the mesothelioma was due to his exposure to asbestos as a maintenance electrician, an inquest in Salisbury heard.

Senior coroner David Ridley returned a verdict of death due to industrial disease.

Mr Collett would strip out the brake linings of hoist cranes around the factory and foundry, inhaling dust as asbestos used in the linings crumbled in his hands, according to Novum Law.

Lawyer Helen Grady said: “Unfortunately many workers were not aware of the dangers of asbestos, although employers had plenty of warning and even as early as the 1930s, legislation was passed which they simply failed to adhere to in order to protect workers from the deadly dust which the use of asbestos created.

“Mr Collett is sadly yet another victim of this once-called wonder substance. It was in actual fact extremely dangerous and now the working conditions he experienced would not be allowed.

“Any assistance you could give the family with information about this could be very helpful in successfully concluding their claim.”

Anyone with information or affected by asbestos exposure can call 0800 884 0555.