Compton Bassett author Adrian Elmer has penned a sequel to a book written from the perspective of his pet dog after a positive response from online reviewers.

Mr Elmer’s inspiration is his labrador Jack, who has been a faithful pet for eight years and is the face behind his first book, published in 2012.

He began writing about the scrapes the labrador gets up to on Facebook and now he has launched The Lab Reports, a second book based on Jack’s misadventures.

Mr Elmer, 53, a graphic designer, said: “Those who read it have given me enough encouragement to write a second one. I do it for the love of writing – as it stands currently, it’s never going to support me as my sole income.

“One lady said I’m one of the only two authors who have made her laugh out loud in an empty room and James Herriot is the other one. I was pretty proud of that.

“If someone writes a response on Facebook then I will always put a comment back. Some of them are fantastic and some of the stories that finish up in the book include their responses.”

Jack, who was born at Lord Bath’s Longleat estate, was trained to be a gun dog but the loud noises unsettled him and he was retired.

The book is available on Amazon or at Merlin Publishing. For more information, visit