Wiltshire Council’s Chippenham area board approved several grants last week.

They are: £1,050 for Chippenham Rotary Hall’s IT improvement project; £960 towards three display screens for Kington Langley Village Hall; £439 to buy cutting tools for the Chippenham riverbank clean-up project; £5,000 for a new heating system at Happy Caterpillars Pre-School; £3,000 towards setting up a new Chippenham annual park run event; £4,849 to Wilts & Berks Canal Trust for bank stabilisation on the canal at Pewsham; £1,000 towards an adult workshop on Victorian traditions at Sevington Victorian School; £498 to buy a training kit for Chippenham under-12s girls’ football team; £2,722 for equipment at Chippenham Sports Club; £3,150 to Chippenham Folk Festival towards a community dance workshop and sound system; and £985 for a workshop on public access defibrillators and first aid training.