Fencing is to be put at the front of the bandstand in Trowbridge Park in a bid to halt vandalism there.

The work is being funded by a Trowbridge Area Board grant of £5,000, proposed by its chairman Trowbridge Town and Wiltshire Councillor Graham Payne, to prevent graffiti and have repairs done.

Trowbridge Town Council is overseeing the work and plan to increase the frequency of live entertainment being showcased on the bandstand’s stage when its finished.

In November, swastika graffiti was drawn on the bandstand, which was not removed in time for the Remembrance Sunday commemorations. While last week, a group of five teenagers where made to clean it after being caught throwing paint around the bandstand and its pathways.

Cllr Payne said: “I’m pleased that the area board approved the grant as the bandstand needs to be protected. People have been very upset with the graffiti, especially the swastika on display on Armistice Day, and I hope this will bring it to an end.”

The fencing is expected to be in place next month with the bandstand also getting repainted and cellar repair work being carried out.

Bill Austin, the town council’s head of direct services, said: “The better the bandstand looks the more people are likely to want to use it which will benefit the community.”

The improvements have also been welcomed by Trowbridge’s Royal British Legion and Wiltshire Police.

Brian Mitchell, of Trowbridge Royal British Legion, said: “I think the work is fantastic and I hope the town council put their back into the project as the bandstand is hugely important to the town and the events it stages during the year.”

Inspector Lisette Harvey, based at Trowbridge Police Station, said: “This is welcome news as it will prevent further damage and break down that perception that the park isn’t a place that people should go to.

“As I know the town council has worked hard, in recent months, installing new lighting to make the park more attractive for visitors.”

Last July, the town council took Trowbridge Park over from Wiltshire Council.