Dyson's pledge to invest in Wiltshire, which could create hundreds of jobs at its headquarters in Malmesbury, has been welcomed.

A public exhibition of the design and technology firm’s major expansion will take place at Malmesbury Town Hall, Cross Hayes, between 3pm and 8pm on Monday, February 3.

Plans for the new development include extending the current research and development facilities and building a second, larger canteen for the extra staff.

There will also be a helipad for inventor Sir James Dyson, and other VIPs, and a sports facility with artificial turf, as well as more car parking.

Simon Killane, a Malmesbury town and Wiltshire councillor, said: “I think it is great news for the town; it shows that Dyson has a long-term commitment to expanding employment opportunities for people in the area.

“Dyson has been working with the Neighbourhood Planning Process to let us know what is going on and we really appreciate the way they have worked with the planning process.

“It is good for employment and good for the area.”

Representatives from the firm, which is famous for products such as its bagless vacuum cleaners and Airblade hand drier, will give a presentation to town councillors at the planning and environment meeting next Tuesday.

Aimee Frankham, chairman of Malmesbury and District Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is excellent, exciting news.

“It shows a positive commitment from Dyson to the town for the next couple of decades and beyond.

“It can only be seen as a good thing for the economic development of the town to attract new investors.

“Dyson have now made their intentions very clear that they wish to stay in the area and develop and it is a very positive step forward for us.

“Dyson has got a pre-existing relationship, and buildings, here and the landscape of Malmesbury enables them to be able to utilise what they have got.”

Mayor John Gundry said: “I think we will be seeing some very good-looking architecture from a scenic point of view.

“Dyson is employing more people and putting Malmesbury further on the map as the headquarters for international design and technology, which is just the sort of business we want to attract.

“Dyson outreaches to the community through its scholarships and foundation and long may it continue.”