SWINDON Council caused a scare in Common Platt as they leafleted 100 houses informing them of changes to green waste collections which did not apply to them.

Following a public consultation, the council decided to impose an optional £40 annual charge for green waste collections, and to move recycling collections from weekly to fortnightly.

And on Monday flyers informing residents of the changes went out across the borough, including the Common Platt area, which is serviced by North Wiltshire District Council.

While most residents realised the mistake, others were surprised they could be hit with a charge next month.

Ahmad Sadjadian, 56, of Beech Drive, said: “I thought it applied to me. It just said which date it would start on, so that was a bit of a surprise.

“They said the last day they would be collecting on, so I took it I would have to pay.

“I had already decided I was going to pay the charge, so this is certainly a relief.”

Hamed Sadati, 37, of Beech Drive, said: “We got it through the door on Monday, and I thought it was from North Wiltshire.

“I read it quickly and did not realise it would not apply to me. It is good news that I don’t have to pay.”

The border between Swindon and North Wiltshire is drawn roughly along Swinley Drive.

“It is an easy mistake to make,” said Hamed.

“Technically we are in Swindon, so I don’t know why this estate belongs to Wiltshire. This is called Common Platt, and the other side of Swinley Drive is Swindon.

“If they are going to do these flyers they need to make sure the person doing it knows where to go.”

Another Beech Drive resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “We knew this was happening in Swindon, so when it came through the door I did not read it properly and thought great, now they are doing the same thing here.

“When you read it properly you realise it does not apply to you.

“We are being consumed by developments, and they will be considered Swindon while we remain North Wiltshire..

“If it comes through your door you assume it applies to you.”

A Swindon Council spokesman said: “We are currently delivering a leaflet to all households in the borough about recycling collections soon becoming fortnightly and the introduction of an optional, paid-for green waste collection service, so residents are informed about the changes.

“Unfortunately a small number of streets lie on the North Wiltshire side of the Swindon boundary and have been leafleted in error. We apologise to any residents who have received this information which does not apply to them.”