Hardenhuish in Chippenham has scored well in this year’s league table following the success of GCSE and A-Level pupils last summer on results day.

The school was ranked tenth within Wiltshire for its GCSE scores as 69 per cent of pupils gained five or more A* to C grades at GCSE including English and maths.

It had a higher ranking for its A-Level scores, gaining seventh place within Wiltshire.

Pupils taking their GCSE exams collected an average of 515.7 points and pupils taking their A-Levels collected an average of 904.3 points.

Headteacher Jan Hatherell said: “We knew last summer that our results were very good, but we’re never complacent, we’re constantly striving to do even better here at Hardenhuish.

“We’re really pleased that we have done well and we’re really pleased for the young people behind the statistics and that they have a future pathway.

“For our five A* to C grades we’re doing very well and we’re pleased with that, but actually every child is making good progress at Hardenhuish.

“I’m proud of the value added figures, which look at the progress of the young people rather than just the ones who have achieved that benchmark, and those value added figures are really good for our school.

“We would hope that every child makes more than the progress they ought to and our children are all doing that.”