Chilton Foliat Primary School proved it has greatly improved since its last Ofsted inspection as it earned a higher rating.

Two years ago the school was rated satisfactory but, during an inspection on December 12 and 13, Ofsted said it saw notable improvements and rated the Church of England school good.

This September the school, which has 64 pupils, welcomed new headteacher Denise Weston and a new chairman of governors Sam Wolcough.

“We’re over the moon,” Mrs Weston said.

“We have been working really hard so we would have been disappointed if we hadn’t got this grading.

“Everybody has worked together, teachers, governors, parents and of course the children, and that why we’ve got this.

“There have been quite a lot of changes since the last inspection and we’ll carry on making improvements so that we can do even better in our next inspection.”

The Ofsted report noted that teaching had improved significantly, with teachers structuring their lessons effectively and staff providing a good level of support for the pupils.

The report read: “The new headteacher has an accurate view of the school’s strengths and the areas in need of further improvement. She is building strongly on the progress made in the previous school year. Leaders at all levels, including governors, are well focused on school improvement. They have been successful in moving the school forward, especially in improving teaching and raising achievement.

“Pupils feel safe in school, they get on well with each other and they are keen to succeed in their work.”