Cubs from the 1st Corsham Scout Group have won the annual District Cubs Scrapheap Challenge, beating other teams from Wiltshire North.

The event is given a theme, which is announced on the day itself, and the cubs are given an 90 minutes to come up with a design and then make it out of scrap. This could be anything from empty cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, plastic bottles to scraps of material.

This year the theme was The Past and the 1st Corsham team decided on the Space Race.

They built models of a rocket, a moon rover, the moon lander and the vehicle which take the rocket to the launch pad.

After the afternoon session had finished the judges announced the results, which means that 1st Corsham have won the event for the second time in the past three years.

They go on to represent the district at the county event in February and leaders from 1st Corsham will organise and run the event in 2015.